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What is Mentorship?

At NAI, we emphasize the importance of developing skills and knowledge that can be applied directly to your new career.

NAI assist students in a number of different ways in order to ensure success upon graduation.

Resume Review

NAI will work directly with you to edit and perfect your resume, providing feedback in order to ensure that the relevant experience, layout and design are all covered. Resumes will be specifically tailored to the job positions that you are seeking out ensuring that key words, qualifications and experience are all covered in-depth.

Interview Prep

Being well-prepared once you land the interview is essential. NAI can help guide you through the interview process, providing practical question and answer training that is specifically tailored to the position you are applying for in order to make sure you are as ready as possible. Conducted either in-person, over the phone or virtually, we offer convenient options depending on your circumstances.

LinkedIn Setup

Enhancing your professional image can be a key way for students to expand their network and reach a wider audience. At NAI, we can make sure that you are setup properly with your LinkedIn Account, creating a professional profile and image that will help make you stand out to employers.

Career Workshops

We host a number of workshops at NAI where we cover best practices related to the job search and starting a new career. These workshops are free for all students and cover a wide variety of topics that will help you be successful as you being your new career path.

Co-op and Job Placements

NAI has a wide network of companies and businesses that we work with in order to help students start their career directly in the field they have studied as quickly as possible. We have developed strong partnerships with industry-leading companies in the pharma and related industries and NAI works directly with these companies in order to help place the right candidates within the right roles.

The mentorship program is offered to all of NAI students and alumni. Please contact us at 862-842-4200 or for more information.


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