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How Our Pharmaceutical Training Institute Supports Your Career Success?

At the NeuAge Institute, we help students achieve their professional goals by providing them with a means to fast-track their careers. With a number of programs in the pharmaceutical field offered online, students can choose the option that best suits their current schedule. This flexibility helps working professionals advance their job-specific skills for career growth without taking time off of work.  Whether you’re a new graduate or someone looking to upskill within the pharmaceutical field, it can be challenging to navigate the available options that translate to true career growth. The NAI makes it easy for students to achieve this.. READ MORE »

November 28, 2022

3 Tips for Good Documentation Practices in Quality Assurance Training

Documentation is a large component of quality assurance roles. It is used to record data, abide by company policies, and guide the safe development of pharmaceutical products with the ability to track their production throughout the entire process. Good Documentation Practices, also called GDP, help protect both the company and the public with a thorough tracking of every step in the quality assurance process. At the NeuAge Institute, students earning their certification in Quality Assurance cover a number of essential topics for a rewarding career in the field. These include Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Methods, Introduction to Quality Documents and Technical Writing,.. READ MORE »

November 18, 2022

What to Expect from Clinical Research Training at NAI?

If you’re looking to get started in a clinical research role, you’ll want to understand the importance of this work in coordinating clinical trials and supporting the safety and rights of clinical study participants. With the Clinical Research Program at the NeuAge Institute, you can expect to become a trained professional in the field as you seek out your ideal career in the pharmaceutical industry. The more advanced the field becomes, the greater the demand for clinical research professionals. As clinical research projects and clinical trials expand, there’s a growing need for skilled workers to maintain safety protocols and documentation.. READ MORE »

November 11, 2022

Over-the-Counter vs Prescription Drugs in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs

At the NeuAge Institute, students have the opportunity to earn their Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Certification in a 24-week long post-graduate program. This program provides students with knowledge and insight into the current U.S. Professional Regulatory Affairs pathways for prescription and over-the-counter drugs and also includes modules on biologics, medical devices, combination products, technical writing, and more. Students will explore topics in promotion, packaging, labelling, patents, and exclusivity, all while gaining practical experience that will help them excel in a role in the pharmaceutical industry. The emphasis on learning the difference between prescription and non-prescription drugs is an important aspect of.. READ MORE »

November 8, 2022

How Our Pharmaceutical Career Institute Supports Flexible Learning

Our pharmaceutical career institute understands that many of our students are working professionals. If you’re already working in the pharmaceutical industry and want to upgrade your skills, it can be challenging to find a program that suits your current schedule. At the NeuAge Institute, we’ve made upskilling more accessible to working professionals like you through our flexible learning system. Free from traditional class restraints, NAI will help you make a career transition within the industry and achieve your professional goals. Our programs are relevant and comprehensive, giving you the hands-on experience needed for success, delivered in a flexible format to.. READ MORE »

October 28, 2022

Why Is Quality Assurance So Important in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

In every industry, quality assurance is an important part of the production process. It becomes even more important for pharmaceutical companies as they produce and distribute products that can greatly affect people’s lives. Quality assurance is a crucial part of the pharmaceutical production process and there are plenty of career opportunities for those who are interested in protecting public safety, helping companies improve their manufacturing processes, and ensuring that each stage of production complies with standards set by regulatory bodies. Keep reading to learn all about the importance of quality assurance in the pharmaceutical industry. What Is Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance?.. READ MORE »

October 26, 2022

3 Career Paths to Explore After Pharmacovigilance Certification

As a field that focuses on detecting, understanding, and preventing the adverse effects of drugs, pharmacovigilance has an incredibly important impact on public health–and professionals in this field carry a big responsibility. Those interested in helping patients by identifying potential hazards around medicines and vaccines can prepare to launch dynamic careers in pharmacovigilance. Students with the right training are able to develop the skills to succeed in a wide range of careers in this field. From performing research and investigating reports to storing data and ensuring compliance, pharmacovigilance work can offer a lot of variety.  Here’s a closer look at.. READ MORE »

October 17, 2022

Remote Trials: What You Should Know as a Student in Clinical Research Training

The COVID-19 pandemic changed a lot of “norms” in society around the world throughout a number of industries. In the clinical research world, this meant an express shift to remote trials in order to be able to continue to collect data and perform studies. With the complications of human interaction and the inability to socially distance from one another at most research sites, the switch to remote trials offered a feasible option for institutions to continue their work. As a student entering clinical research training, it is paramount to recognize how remote trials differ from in-person trials and what this.. READ MORE »

October 11, 2022

Which Career Path in the Pharmaceutical Industry Is Right for You?

Entering the pharmaceutical industry is a comforting thought to many new students, simply knowing that there are so many vast opportunities that await. No matter your unique and personal skill set, you will be able to find a role within the pharmaceutical industry that fits your strengths and satisfies your interests. In such a big field, you can try your hand at a number of different options before settling on one career path. At the NeuAge Institute, we give students the opportunity to discover what areas of the pharmaceutical industry really interest them. From regulatory affairs to medical writing, students.. READ MORE »

October 4, 2022

3 Tips for Supporting Data Integrity With Quality Assurance Training

Data integrity inefficiencies do exist in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why students in quality assurance training must remain especially diligent. When it comes to supporting data integrity, many processes and technological updates are involved to ensure the safety of all information. Product quality and public safety are top priorities, which is why all involved parties must take this topic seriously. The importance of record keeping in the pharmaceutical industry was established in the early phases of pharma production but has remained at the forefront of quality assurance efforts as processes become increasingly digitized. Digitization has improved a number of.. READ MORE »

September 23, 2022


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